Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Back to writing after a long break

I haven't written much recently but I have been locked more during the past year than I've been unlocked. Since early 2019 I've had some extended periods locked:
  • 2/11/20-??? Locked
  • 10/8/19 - 1/ 19/20 Locked (102 days. New record)
  • 6/27/19-7/28/19 Locked
  • 4/9/19-6/16/19 68 days locked. My new longest.
  • 2/13/19-3/30/19 locked. 
The app ChastiKey with a remote keyholder has been in control. The current lock will be up to 4 months. Two weeks in and that seems like a long time to go without a hard cock, without a chance for release. Yes I'm horny and my cock is so frustrated in its cage. It would feel so good to just be able to get hard.

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