Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Day 56, release and relocked

At Day 56 I drew the 2nd green card that gave me release. For release I selected the option "let keyholder decide" and also texted KH. I was having some issues with my phone's touch screen not always being responsive about the same time.  I didn't hear anything from KH and destroyed the locked keybox for the release that I had earned with the 2nd green card.

Still not hearing anything from that KH and after being free for 9 days, I took another ChastiKey lock. This one has everything hidden: I don't know what the cards are in the deck and the KH can make changes whenever he wishes. I initially drew 2 "draw again" cards that are in there when everything is hidden so that I really don't know the number of meaningful cards in the deck, then a yellow that added 3 reds, then a red card. Today I started with a yellow that subtracted 2 of those reds, a green card (and I don't know how many there are but I need to find all of them), then a red.

Later in the day I got a message that KH had made a change but since everything is hidden I have no clue what the change is.

No clue how long this lasts and I'm already at the point where I see so many guys I'd like to take to bed with me buy I'm the guy whose cock doesn't get any pleasure. It just fills the cage whenever I think about how long it might be.

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