Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Thursday, December 28, 2017

It's been a long time

It's been a long time, I'm returning to a locked life. I locked up last night with a Carlilock session that lets me out to go to the doctor in a bit over a week, then I'll relock. I'm in my Steelworkxx.

I'll be traveling to Spain in mid-January, not wearing a metal device on a trip that goes through 3 airports in each direction. When I return home, I'd like to be locked until IML and maybe wear my full belt in Chicago during IML weekend.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Nocturnal Erections

Sleeping was difficult last night. I kept being awakened by attempts at nocturnal erections. Nasty reminders that I'm not getting hard for a long time .... more time remaining than I've ever been locked before. I'm committed to doubling my previous longest (the key is at Mr. S which is nearly 1500 miles away) but not sure I'm liking that right now.

Long Memorial Day weekend coming. Planning on some time on the bicycle and a Saturday evening soccer game (Minnesota United vs Orlando City) where it's Pride Night although I do have season tickets.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thinking about my cock today

As I was out for a couple of hour bike ride my locked cock was on my mind. Partially because I needed to adjust the position of the cage a few times, partially because I want to be able to get hard. I'm feeling that I want to take it in my hand and pleasure it. Yes, it's filling the cage thinking about it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Very aware

Today is one of those days when I'm very aware of the device locked on my cock. Cock is straining against the cage, it wants to get hard. Why do I get myself into this?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 16 of 100

Physically everything is okay. Lotion is my friend, I've been using Neosporin to relieve abrasions. I got back on my bike yesterday after a week break and back in the pool this morning after a similar break. Sometimes I just need to give the body some time to recover.

However, horny as all hell. It's like every guy I see is hot. My cock wants to get hard, my balls are ready to explode.  12 more weeks is going to be a long time .... 12 weeks is nearly twice as long as I've ever gone before.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A rainy Saturday

It's a rainy Saturday morning here in Minneapolis without a lot to do, no plans until late in the afternoon.

It's one of those days where if I could my hard cock would be in my hand. The way it is it's neither hard or in my hand, I can feel it filling it's cage.

87 more days is going to be a long time.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

To your comment

I don't know of any chastity specific groups in town and can't just post names here. lets you search profiles with Minnesota. There are some BDSM groups around. Send me an email if you want to chat.

Day 10

Wow, only 90 days to go. It's one of those days that I just want a nice relaxing jerk. I didn't swim this morning, normally I don't swim 3 days in a row as it beats up my body to much if I swim to many days in a row. A Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday pattern works rather well.

No biking either as the weather has been off and on rain with some rather nasty thunderstorms. I'll be back in the pool tomorrow and likely ride. It just that a cloudy day like this is perfect for a nice jerk.

However, yesterday was fun. Spent a couple of hours watching bike races, then editing the 100+ photos I took. Need to keep my mind active with other stuff.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 9 of 100

Sleeping has been strange the last couple of nights. I'm not sure if it's because I've had a lot going on in my life, the device or something else. I notice the device most in the morning when my ball sack has tightened overnight. Generally after an hour or so everything is normal.

While doing some online studying today, I was thinking more about my locked cock than the study material. Three more months is going to be a long time.

Meanwhile life goes on.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday morning

Phone call this morning after swimming asked about the possibility of me doing a few weeks of work in North Carolina. TSA is always interesting when locked as some screening will detect the device, some won't. Usually I've been able to explain it as "body jewelry" I did have one time in Barcelona where they took me into a room to look at it. Later email makes it look like the chance is 50/50.

Meanwhile, it's a nice day here in Minneapolis and one of those days that I want to just lay back and stroke. Scanning my Tumblr feed just keeps my cock filling it's cage plus there are some guys in this coffee shop that aren't bad to look at either. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Swim ... bike ... bike

Not much going on at work so yesterday early morning was an hour swimming in the pool and a 2 hour bike ride in the afternoon. This morning I got in a 4 hour bike ride with a stop for waffles at about the mid-point.

The device didn't cause any problems during any of this. I do use lots of lotion and/or lubrication while riding the bike. Using Neosporin to keep from serious chafing as if that starts the device still won't be coming off. No issues with the PA lock pinching my cock head that has happened in the past although it can be quickly remedied with a slight readjustment.

Somewhere in the first half of the ride through a mostly rural type area as my mind was wandering my horniness was coming through as I started thinking of all kinds of kinky fun. Stuff on my tumblr feed would give you an idea of what some of it is.

All for now, need a beer after that long ride.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Conversation on Kik

I had a conversation on Kik (which I don't use that often) yesterday:

Meanwhile UPS package tracking says the keys will arrive at Mr. S on Friday and it's more than 3 months until I have a chance to even get hard again.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Yes, 100 days

I did it. I packed up the keys and sent them of to Mr. S for safekeeping. 100 days, the keys won't be coming back until the middle of August. This will be twice my previous longest and, yes, I am a little nervous about it. I know how I feel after a few weeks and want to get naked with virtually every guy I see. I suspect it will be even more intense at week 14.  Just start feeding me hard cock now.

For the record, I'm locked in a Steelworxx Looker03 with a PA lock. This device won't be coming off.  If you're near Minneapolis, looking for service for you cock, let me know.

Friday, May 5, 2017

100 Days?

I'm leaning toward sending the keys off to Mr S for safe keeping. I'm also leaning toward a goal of 100 days locked which would be enforced by the keys being well over 1,000 miles away.

100 days would approximately double my previous longest, I know how I felt then.

What am I getting myself into?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Starting again

Tuesday (2 May 2017) I locked up again in my Steelworxx with PA lock. I had been thinking about it since I got back from 2 weeks in Spain a few weeks ago, even thinking that I'd do it on return while I was traveling. Seems the good feeling that came from stroking my cock was stopping me from doing it.

Now it's done. Went for a 2 1/2 hour bike ride yesterday and swam for an hour this morning with no issues. Need to decide quickly if I use a Emalock/Carlilock session of somewhere between 10 and 16 weeks (by far my longest) or send the keys off to Mr. S for safe keeping. That is unless a local guy takes possession of them.