Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Back in the USA

Back in the country, I've gotten as far as Detroit and fly back to Minneapolis in a little over an hour.

The trip home has been uneventful.  I did set off the metal detector in the Berlin airport, the TSA person just said "show us your metal."  Not only there but in the bars, the Germans are so unemotional, stoic.  I was told that is because the German language makes it easy, for example there are multiple words for "you" that represent various amounts of closeness to the person you are referring to.

Minimal chafing today.  Slept a few hours on the flight from Paris to Detroit.  Want to swim in the morning before heading off to work.  Not looking forward to the forecast snow.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Fun post over at Metalbond ... and another night in Berlin

One of my favorite blogs is MetalBond, today he has a nice story about Marknorth who bet his cock and lost.  He is rewarded with another week for each comment to the post on Metal's blog.  I'm swelling in my cage just thinking about his long lockup that can be extended by virtually anyone on the planet, although I guess mine can too with votes on Carlilock just not a week at a time.

Went to CDL in Berlin last night for naked night.  Got to suck some cock, hope it was enjoyed as much as I enjoyed it as it will be a long time until I get mine sucked.

Today, more museums and some shopping.  Friends at home want a "Fist on First Date" shirt that I need to add to my shopping list.

Chaffing is nasty today.

Friday, November 27, 2015

First Night in Berlin

I went to Mutschmanns last night for Naked Night.  It is next door to Guesthouse 21 where I am staying. Lots of cock, many with cock rings but I didn't see any others that were locked.  They do have some nice play space, some sex but not as much as some places.  Drinks were cheap.

Looking at other options for tonight.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sailed through TSA

I'm at the airport in Minneapolis waiting to board my flight to Amsterdam, then Berlin.  I did set off the metal detector and told the guy it was "body jewelry"  He asked "you can't take it off?" and sent me over to the body scanner where I sailed right through.  The whole thing was less than 2 minutes.

Woke up this morning feeling some chafing, primarily because my balls wanted to retract.  Went to the pool and had a good swim for about an hour.  Put a vibrator in my ass for awhile which felt very good. About noon I went out for an hour and a half bicycle ride.  At the beginning of the ride the device felt real good, I was rather liking it, later on I was feeling a bit of chafing.

Due into Berlin at 1:45 PM Berlin time.  Looking forward to a fun weekend, have some clubs with play spaces bookmarked.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Today I just want to lay back and stroke it ...

... not wait 3 or so months, just do it now.

Part of it may be thinking of leaving for Berlin tomorrow and thinking about the sexually charged atmosphere while I'm there.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Super Hot Dude

Damn, I really want to stroke my cock today, I'm certainly on the hate side of a love/hate relationship.

I thought I'd share a message string from a couple of weeks ago, his topic from the first message was "Super Hot Dude:"

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: Him
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 1:00am
You are one super-hot dude. Great metal. You do chastity just the way it should be done. Serious metal, inescapable, no pulling out, total cock submission. You're hot!!

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: IamAllTiedUp
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 1:27am
Thanks. Now if I can just find a kh somewhere near Minneapolis to keep me horny full time with occasional release (preferably while restrained so I can't play with it)
-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: Him
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 1:32am

That's exactly how I see it too You should be fully restrained. Hands cuffed or tied behind your back with a chain leading from the cuffs up to a locked slave collar. That's the minimum security I'd required. I'd prefer to have your legs shackled too or even better, have you totally strapped down. I would NEVER let you out of your cock bondage until you were completely tied up and helpless. Then I'd remove it. You would never ever be allowed to touch your own unencumbered erect penis again. Permanent chastity. Only when you are strapped down and fully submitted should you be released. But then, I'd definitely treat you right. I like long term locked men to cum good and hard. You don't deserve it, I just like. You deserve to be never enjoy and orgasm or any pleasure from your dick but I enjoy giving it from time to time. Once finished, you'd be cleaned up and relocked BEFORE being untied. Your cock would remain in a state of total cock submission until next time. But, maybe next time you'd only be edged and never know.
-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: IamAllTiedUp
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 2:00am
You would be the perfect kh. Presumably there would be a penalty for cumming without permission

-- Previous Private Message –
Sent by: Him
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 2:19am
There wouldn't be any cumming without permission, slave. You must be in a heavy metal cage with PA. No pulling out not stimulation possible. If you can cum, then there's something wrong with your device. However, if you managed a ruined orgasm with a vibrator or something, well then yes. There would be punishment. I prefer having you tied with hands above head in a dungeon. Leg spreaders. Totally vulnerable. Start with a paddling to the point of bruising and welts and ending with a caning to the back of the legs. Or, get you lying on a bondage table that has a head stockade. In the most severe case of repeated violations, your head would be locked in the stockade. You on your stomach. Hands bound behind your back. Your legs pulled widely apart. In this position you are helpless. Can't arch your back. Cannot escape. Cannot stop what might happen to you next. Your man sac would be hanging there containing your fat balls. I'd wrap it with warm soaked cloths to make fully relaxed. Now those balls really hang low.   You would be helpless. I just might bring along a buddy of mine with a bunch of lidocaine and a burdizzo clamp. Do you really want to disobey and cum again without permission, slave? Should I fix this problem you have with unauthorized orgasms permanently? Do I give you one more chance?    
-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: IamAllTiedUp
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 3:06am
Cock is getting hard in its cage thinking about that ....
 .... by "without permission" I was thinking while being edged, not while trying to cheat (which would be punished more harshly.

-- Previous Private Message –
Sent by: Him
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 3:30am
Ahhhh.....blowing your slave load while being edged. Well, that's a different story. I love watching a man's orgasm whether accidental or not. You have to remember that either way, whether authorized or not, you would be permanently prevented from ever touching your cock again anyway. If you cum accidently, it would still be my hand and not yours. Never yours. Never. Also remember, an accidental blow is not that satisfying. If I stop stimulating you at the moment of blow, well then it's just a ruined orgasm. Was it worth it?
I would, however, still impose punishment. Once you are shaved, cleaned up, fully relocked and the session ends, I'd put you on the floor. On your knees. Cuff you again. Attach a chain from the cuffs to the back of your locked slave collar. Then I'd tell you how you are going to pay. First, you’re going to suck me off to my satisfaction. This is probably not punishment for you, but it is pleasure for me. Next, I will explain to you that you will not cum again for a minimum of six months. You will be edged and or milked, but not allowed to orgasm for at least six months. That may be extended to a year should I so choose.    I would want you to show me that you understand your place as a locked man whose dick is fully and irrevocably submitted that you cannot cum in such a manner. I want to see remorse. I want to see a locked man fully submit.
But truthfully, all the time you are not allowed to cum, I also deprive myself of the pleasure of making you cum. Hearing you moan, watching you spurt.   I deprive myself of bringing you pleasure by using your dick which you cannot ever use. So it's a two edged sword. I don't want to suffer deprivation as a result of your lack of control. So, you would likely have to suffer a number of ball smacking sessions with a wooden stick. Not too hard. But I do want to see you in pain, straining against your ropes and leather with no way to stop the torture.
Regardless, you still get a six-month sentence. Non-negotiable.

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: IamAllTiedUp
Sent: 10 Nov 2015 at 1:59pm
I do find shaving rather erotic, however, a totally smooth head or smooth pits do leave me rather self-conscious

-- Previous Private Message --
Sent by: Him
Sent: 11 Nov 2015 at 12:53am

It should make you feel self-conscious. Once you're locked and under the direction of a Master, you lose your rights to man hair. You seem like a masculine guy so it's particularly gratifying to deprive you of another aspect of your masculinity.


Two days until I leave for Berlin ... need to decide what to pack.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Germany on Thursday

Thursday I'll be arriving in Berlin and staying for a few days. Looking for guys who want to play and any recommendations for bars with play spaces. 

At least 3 more months

Yes, I learned today that I won't have a chance to unlock for at least 3 more months.  That would more than double my previous longest.  PA lock, metal device, this isn't something I'm going to be getting out of.

I know how I feel after 4 to 6 weeks, now knowing I'll be going much longer I'm feeling that way already.  I want a hard cock, my hard cock.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's been two weeks ...

 ... I expect that it will be at least 2 more, maybe much more.

Thursday evening I was at a BLUF Minneapolis event leading into the Mr Minneapolis Eagle weekend.  Nice evening.  On the way to the hotel someone on the street commented "I've seen a bunch of people in black leather, is there something going on?"  Well yes, we did have a little event.

Kink U this afternoon featured a presentation on pressure points and one on lube.

Pre-party for MME in a few minutes, then the Mr Minneapolis Eagle event tonight at the bar.  It should be a fun evening, even if I can't get hard.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I had a weekend guest, I spent some time in a straight jacket and other bondage.

I'm now in my 2nd week locked, so I'm not the guy who got the 1-week key, will it be 2 weeks, 4 weeks, more?

Working out of town again this week, long day yesterday that began with a 5 1/2 hour drive.  Feeling just a bit of irritation near the ring of the device.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nocturnal erections attempted

Was awaken last night by attempts at nocturnal erections. I guess the good news was that I wasn't wearing a CBxxxx series with the points of intrigue, those things are painful and my cock always seems to want to fight them.

Headed home this afternoon, expecting some weekend play.  Need to do some planning for weekend in Berlin which is now only 2 weeks away.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Others have joined me

4 of the 5 Carlilock codes offered as Carilock Roulette on LockedMen have been taken. There are 4 of us locked for unknown periods of time, we can have 1 more join us.  I am kind of liking not knowing when I will have the opportunity to get hard again.

Long day again yesterday, crashed early then a short bike ride this morning.  Home this weekend and plan to go to Gear Night at Minneapolis Eagle on Saturday.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So far it's going well

I rode my bicycle for an hour this morning and 2-plus hours on Sunday with no major issues.  The only minor issue was some pinching from the PA where it goes through the front of the device an into my urethra. A slight adjustment of the position of the device eliminated the pinching and the remainder of the rides went well ... today's pace averaged 16.2 mph for 17.5 miles, I topped out at 23.5 mph.

Slept well last night, it had been a long day starting with a 5 1/2 hour drive from Minneapolis to Thief River Falls, MN followed by a full day of work.

Had some fun PMs yesterday on LockedMen ... I'll post some of it after I remove the identifying information.  Needless to say it was causing the cock to fill it's cage ... then he mentioned shaving which is a real turn-on to me ... even when the result makes me feel self-conscious.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Frustration seems to be coming early

Starting early today as I'll be driving 5-plus hours to a work project in Northern Minnesota.

The desire for a good jack-off session seems to be coming early this session, not sure why.  It may be because this session may be much longer than I've ever gone before and a certain excitement that comes with that possibility.  I also know how much I'll want it after being unable for so long.

I guess its a bit like bondage, it's not real until you want out.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

After a long break ... locked again

After a few months break, locked again on Friday (6 November) in my Steelworxx Looker 03.  My PA lock goes through the device, it won't be coming off.  I selected 1 of 5 Carlilock keys where "There is one 1-week lock up, two 2-week lock ups, one 4-week lock up, and one... well, lets just say we will get to know eachother very well." I have no idea how long until I have an opportunity to cum .... I do like that feeling.  MasterDomonic on Recon is the keyholder.  MasterDomonic does have some hot pictures on his Recon profile.

My first mornings' attempts at morning wood did fill the cage.  The frustrated cock didn't want to give on its attempt and I couldn't do anything about it.

Short story, horny boi here in Minneapolis is hungry for cock.