Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Sunday, May 31, 2015

IML, the aftermath. Locked in new device.

IML is now in the past. I was especially horny having been locked for the entire event.  Not that I wouldn't have been horny anyway in that environment but it was raised to an even higher level, sex going on all around me and my cock is locked in this little cage.

I bought a bunch of stuff, 2 pairs of leather pants from Rubio Leather plus a leather muscle shirt. I especially like the leather fireman's pants.  From Fort Troff, I bought the bondage bed kit, would you look good restrained by it?  Then I bought a pair of leather fist mits from Mr. S.  I spent a bit more than I had planned but it is good stuff that will last a long time.

Then Thursday I was briefly unlocked.  Unlocked long enough to change devices and am now in a Steelworxx Revenge.  Due to sizing it's much more suited for long-term wear. Due to the size of the hole in the device, I needed to change to a slightly smaller gauge PA lock (which I already had).

My key is held by Premier.  We're using Carlilock.  I'm not expecting to be unlocked soon.

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