Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I now have a remote key holder

I now have a remote key holder.  He's put settings in that don't allow me to see when I might next have an opportunity to think about cumming.  So different than being self locked, so nice.  There is something so hot about the frustration of being locked and not able to get hard.  My cock is clearly liking it as it is expanding as much as it can within it's cage.

Here's a short video of my caged cock.

[Deleted due to change in Blogspot rules]

Last night I did something I probably shouldn't have (imagine that).  I took a "Hotrod 5000" a "male performance enhancer"  It did it's job and certainly made my cock want some extra space and reminded me that it wasn't going to happen.  It didn't get any better when I needed to work on a short project today on a nearby college campus and was seeing so many hot guys.

Why is it that the guys always seem hotter when I'm locked anyway?

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