Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Comfort in revealing fetishes

Why do I, and I think many others, feel more comfortable revealing or discussing our fetishes at sometimes/some places more than others?  

Take, for example, my chastity.  In cities where bars have “naked night” I’ve attended wearing a device and found a number of people interested in it.  Same with sex clubs and I’ll admit that watching a jack off show when your cock is locked is extremely frustrating , makes one extremely horny and certainly is a reminder of one’s situation.  

Often at bars/clubs I’m very open about my interests or if I’m currently locked.  On a couple of occasions I’ve met potential key holders because of that openness.  In some other public places I’d have no problem revealing or discussing chastity or being locked.

On the other extreme is the pool and the gym.  Although I might be getting better over time, I still take most of my shower with my suit on.  I’ve gotten to the point where I will take off my suit toward the end of my shower and face the wall, then start toweling off and wrap the towel around my waist prior to leaving.  I’ll generally start dressing while still wearing the towel unless I’m in a location where no one will see me.

What do I lose or gain by hiding the fact that I don’t have access to part of my body?  Would anyone that I care anything about think of me negatively because of it?  The rest of my life is rather public, why do I have the hang-up with this?

On a completely (well almost completely) different topic, while web surfing the other day I found The Horse Fair (Fickstutenmarkt)  Typically in the sexual sense of the work I not that much of an anal guy.  Sure I like the occasional toy or finger in my ass, even an occasional cock.  However this event seems like it could be heaven (figuratively as being an Atheist I don’t believe the place exists).   

Makes on want to go to Europe, it’s been about 6 months since I was last there.  It’s been longer since I’ve been to Germany; my last time in Germany was in September 2001 when my return home was delayed due to events in New York City.

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