Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What am I getting into?

Don't get me wrong, I love chastity.  But sometimes a guy just craves release.  I'm feeling that now, probably partly because I know it's not happening soon, partly because I know it won't be happening often, and partly because I know that I'll be paying for it with a shaved head.

I know my first chance is in late January when a doctor appointment coincides with the maximum setting on the Emlalack session.  Would I really want to leave myself with only 4 more release opportunities for the year, do I have this thing set up so that I won't get the maximum 5 releases anyway (perhaps I find a KH who is much more strict than what I set up, perhaps he's more kind and allows more).

I ordered a Seed Pod Cage today that I expect to put on after the doctor appointment.  Not only will the cock be locked but balls too.  That leaves me with my nips and ass for adventure.  I ordered some tit and ass toys too.

Many times I've thought I should be locked for most of the year meaning more often than not.  This keeps me locked for at least 95% of the next year.  Can you say "really horny submissive"?  I think that will describe me.

BTW, I played the "Wheel of Fortune" game and added a day to my time.  I probably should play Chastity Bingo at one of my chances for release.  I seem to be willing to gamble access to my cock.

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