Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2014 plans for the time until I find a local KH

I’ve thought about my 2014 chastity over the weekend, becoming both nervous and excited about it. 
Although I’ll be looking for a local KH to take charge, until he is found these will be the rules:

  • I’ll be using to control access to the keys
  • Any time that I’m released, should I elect to release a load, I must immediately relock and start a new session.  Should I release a load I am required to shave my head.  If you see me with a smooth head you’ll know that I’ve recently had a release and am again securely locked.  Should I elect not to cum, the minimum time of the next lock-up will be 1 week for each full day that I was unlocked.  The maximum number of days that I can be unlocked during 2014 is 15, should 15 days be reached my only options are to unlock the device, jerk-off (and shave) and immediately re-lock or to not unlock and  immediately start a new session.
  • I am allowed to jerk off to release a maximum of 5 times (I was originally thinking 6 times) during the year.  Should I reach 5 times I will remain locked for the remainder of 2014.
  • At some point in the year I will remain locked for a continuous period, without release, for a minimum of 4 months (17 weeks or 122 days).  That would exceed my longest ever
  • I must play a minimum of 2 of the emlalock games that either increase or decrease my time locked each week.  To avoid only playing low risk games, I cannot play the same game 2 consecutive times.

In the past I’ve always said that I needed to be release for certain swim meets and a few other major events, during 2014 I’m going to learn to deal with it.

I locked up 3 days ago, so going into the year locked.  This will keep me horny and frustrated for 2014.  

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  1. That sounds like an excellent set of rules.
    I look forward to frequent and regular progress reports.