Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Friday, March 1, 2013

Excitement Building

The excitement of my upcoming lock-up extension is building.

Although I may have been nudged a bit to do it, came to the conclusion the other night that I’ll go with “no max” for the lock-up. Also ordered a metal device that should be here early enough next week to make the exchange on Friday 8 March.

I may be able to have someone make the exchange while my hands are restrained to prevent me from doing anything that I shouldn’t.


  1. Hope you do get the necessary help so you aren't too tempted during the exchange.

  2. Oh - and I'm so glad you chose the 'no max' option. I'm sure it's right for you - and for those of us watching and reading your reports here.
    Make them detailed and explicit.

    1. I'll find out in a few months if I'm glad I chose the "no max" option. My previous max is about 2 months and I was thinking I'd set a minimum of twice that.

      Hoping the controlled exchange works, I've exchanged messages with one guy who might do it but nothing confirmed yet.