Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Friday, March 29, 2013

Crazy week although the craziness wasn't all related to chastity

Things that can go wrong will.

I went into last weekend knowing that I'd be in a hotel conference room helping to administer the process of selecting artists who will display at an art fair this summer.  Generally it makes for an interesting weekend but I decided that I needed to develop a really nasty cold.  A cold conference room didn't help any.  I waited much to long to start taking drugs to kill the thing off and found myself not feeling well most of the time.

By Monday morning I did feel enough better for a strong swim, then came Tuesday.

Tuesday I managed to strain my back at the gym, then aggravated it a bit by stretching it out to much.  Moving was painful, especially after I'd been sitting for any amount of time.  For this I started the pharmacy products sooner, by Friday noon it's much better.

Now I'm back to my horny self.

Still looking the possibility of a trip to Barcelona 18 April to 23 April.  I probably should just buy the ticket and go.  Certainly would add interest to the trip to have my cock locked in it's cage in a city with some really hot fetish bars.

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