Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Am I spending to much time thinking?

I'm into my 4th week now, nearing half of my previous longest.  With the votes that have been coming in, it's clear that I'll be locked for a long while.  DADDY JEFF posted the link to the voting link on his blog, the votes are coming (bad pun, not really intended) fast and furious to keep me in this thing.  Thank you SIR for showing concern and keeping me from jerking off.  Fortunately, at least, it's somewhat comfortable and at this point I haven't developed any breaks in the skin near the rings.

I've been looking at airline tickets to Barcelona.  Probably nothing would be more frustrating than clubs such as Trash (fb) Open Mind or Dark Berlin for a guy who by then wouldn't have had access to his cock for a couple of months than all of those free cocks on other guys.  Certainly won't be topping anyone.  Madrid also has some clubs, I've never been to Madrid (other than the airport) but have had several good trips to Barcelona.

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