Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Settings for my next lock-up

I've been looking at the potential CarliLock settings for my next lock-up which will begin when my current one ends or about March 9th.  I'm looking for suggestions.

Options are:

·         3 hours
·         6 hours
·         12 hours
·         1 day
·         3 days
·         5 days
·         1 week
Penalties are rewarded for checking remaining time or attempting to use a “friends” link to adjust their time which incurs a double penalty (ouch).

I'm thinking penalties should be at least a day but less than 1 week.  I'm thinking an amount where penalties alone won't drive me to the maximum time.

Member Voting
·         Disabled
·         1 hours
·         3 hours
·         4 hours
·         6 hours
·         12 hours (I think this is a choice)
Members of CarliLock can vote on other members up to once per day.  The vote can be to either increase or decrease the time by that amount.

Certainly "disabled" is not the choice.  In my first approximately 24 hours I've had 22 member votes and 13 non-members voting.  Just guessing but most were likely to extend. 

Display Remaining Duration
·         Yes
·         No
·         Sometimes
·         Non-accurate
·         Tease

"Tease" is a message like "not even close".  I'm thinking an option other than never display (no) and always display the true amount (yes)

Randomize Starting Duration
·         No
·         Yes
·         High end
·         Low end

 Seems clear that it should be randomized to add to the mystery.  Then the question is should it be toward the low end, high end or any random amount up to the duration entered.

Starting Duration
·         Any combination of weeks, days and hours up to 16 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours

I'm not sure what to do here. Minimum overrides if starting duration plus penalties and voting don't get me to the minimum.

Minimum Time
·         Any combination of weeks, days and hours up to 16 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours

 My previous longest is about 2 months.  Seems that would be a good minimum. 

Maximum  Time
·         Any combination of weeks and days up to 16 weeks, 6 days
·         No limit

I don't think I'm ready for "No limit"  Maybe next time even though I know that every time I get out I know that I could have gone longer. 

 So again, I'm looking for suggestions.  After a long period of freedom where I was frequently jerking off because I could and it feels good, after just a day I'm already wanting to but can't.  I suppose I should be careful what I ask for.

Use comments for your suggestions.


  1. I'd suggest:

    Penalties 5 days
    Member voting 12 hours
    Display NON accurate
    Randomize yes
    Starting at 6 weeks
    Minimum 10 weeks
    Maximum no limit

    1. The only one of those I wouldn't do is the "no limit" maximum, I'd take a 6 month max but the system doesn't allow that.

      My previous longest is about 2 months, I'm not ready for the head trip of no limit. After a longer lock-up, I'll consider it.

  2. Be harsh and never know your remaining time