Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perhaps long breaks are a bad thing

I'm sitting here wondering if my long period of freedom may have been a bad thing.  Yes, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed cumming more times in a week than there are days.  Quitting cold turkey isn't easy, I want to go into the bedroom, lay on the bed with a spreader bar separating my legs, put my swollen cock in my hand and feel the warm cum on my chest.

It just feels wrong not to be doing that.  My cock is filling it's cage, it wants to stretch out.

I see people are voting often on the duration of my lock-up, so far I've had 43 votes by members of CarliLock and 27 by non-members to change the length of my lock-up.  With over 20 votes each day, if that keeps up when I start the longer period next weekend, I'm sure to serve the full 4 months.  An unlimited lock-up after that could last a really long time.

Leave comments, I'm seeing lots of hits to the page.

All for now, jerk off for me as I obviously can't.


  1. I hope someone is properly milking you, especially if you do not have permission to shoot a load between sessions!

  2. Shave and change devices. Replace CB2000 with either the Birdlock or CB6000s. Looks like Friday evening will be the change over.