Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Locked Again

A new lock-up began last night.  The system sets a maximum of 1 week, 6 days for the first session, after that one can set up a "no limit" lock-up.

One of the cool things about CarliLock is that others can change the length of my lock-up (up to the maximum) by using this link or if you're a member my ID is iamalltiedup.  Votes can increase or decrease my lock-up by up to  6 hours each.

Once the 1st session is over, I intend to immediately roll over into a new session.  No jerking off or getting blow jobs for a few months.  My previous longest is about 2 months, I'd like to try to double that.

A new adventure begins.

1 comment:

  1. I've made my contribution to the length of this lockup.
    Good to know it will feed into the next.
    Ask for agreement here before you end the series.