Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What am I getting into?

Don't get me wrong, I love chastity.  But sometimes a guy just craves release.  I'm feeling that now, probably partly because I know it's not happening soon, partly because I know it won't be happening often, and partly because I know that I'll be paying for it with a shaved head.

I know my first chance is in late January when a doctor appointment coincides with the maximum setting on the Emlalack session.  Would I really want to leave myself with only 4 more release opportunities for the year, do I have this thing set up so that I won't get the maximum 5 releases anyway (perhaps I find a KH who is much more strict than what I set up, perhaps he's more kind and allows more).

I ordered a Seed Pod Cage today that I expect to put on after the doctor appointment.  Not only will the cock be locked but balls too.  That leaves me with my nips and ass for adventure.  I ordered some tit and ass toys too.

Many times I've thought I should be locked for most of the year meaning more often than not.  This keeps me locked for at least 95% of the next year.  Can you say "really horny submissive"?  I think that will describe me.

BTW, I played the "Wheel of Fortune" game and added a day to my time.  I probably should play Chastity Bingo at one of my chances for release.  I seem to be willing to gamble access to my cock.

Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2014 plans for the time until I find a local KH

I’ve thought about my 2014 chastity over the weekend, becoming both nervous and excited about it. 
Although I’ll be looking for a local KH to take charge, until he is found these will be the rules:

  • I’ll be using to control access to the keys
  • Any time that I’m released, should I elect to release a load, I must immediately relock and start a new session.  Should I release a load I am required to shave my head.  If you see me with a smooth head you’ll know that I’ve recently had a release and am again securely locked.  Should I elect not to cum, the minimum time of the next lock-up will be 1 week for each full day that I was unlocked.  The maximum number of days that I can be unlocked during 2014 is 15, should 15 days be reached my only options are to unlock the device, jerk-off (and shave) and immediately re-lock or to not unlock and  immediately start a new session.
  • I am allowed to jerk off to release a maximum of 5 times (I was originally thinking 6 times) during the year.  Should I reach 5 times I will remain locked for the remainder of 2014.
  • At some point in the year I will remain locked for a continuous period, without release, for a minimum of 4 months (17 weeks or 122 days).  That would exceed my longest ever
  • I must play a minimum of 2 of the emlalock games that either increase or decrease my time locked each week.  To avoid only playing low risk games, I cannot play the same game 2 consecutive times.

In the past I’ve always said that I needed to be release for certain swim meets and a few other major events, during 2014 I’m going to learn to deal with it.

I locked up 3 days ago, so going into the year locked.  This will keep me horny and frustrated for 2014.  

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thinking about chastity

It's a love/hate affair.  When I'm not locked I start to miss it.  When I'm locked I crave the chance for relief but every time I get out I know that I could last longer.

I've been thinking about some challenges for the next year.  Challenges that will keep me locked most of the time but allow infrequent relief.  Certainly an in-person KH would be ideal, since I don't currently have on I'm currently using

Until I find a KH to take control, I'm thinking something like this.
  • For every time I get unlocked, as soon as I cum I immediately relock and start a new session
  • I'm only allowed to cum a specific maximum number of times during the year, after I reach that number I stay locked for the remainder of the year.
  • Perhaps play some games that may extend the amount of time I'm locked
Anyone with some sadistic suggestions, drop me a line.

I remain filling my cage thinking about it.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Folsom - Part II (My spanking)

Had several spankings at various parties over the weekend.  The longest one is the only one with pics and was at the fair.  He asked me if the CB I'm wearing is a 6000 or a 3000.

Yes, I need to take some more good spankings.

Folsom - Part I

Folsom was amazing.  After a flight delay caused by smoke starting to come into the cabin while the flight was boarding I arrived early evening.

Friday night was The 15 Association Fetish Party at SF Citadel, these guys know how to put on an event, wish I had arrived earlier.

Saturday afternoon was a spanking party at Power Exchange followed by an evening event at SF Citadel.

Sunday was the big day.

I did have a chance to ride the wheel, would like to do that again sometime.

This guy took an amazing flogging.  He told me he'd been doing it for a couple of years.  After this one he said he'd wait a week before he'd take another one.

The 2nd guy said he couldn't take what the 1st one got.  I'm sure it would take some time to work up for either one.  I suppose I should start now.

Lots of rope.  The guys with the tit clamps  were told to start dancing just to add to the experience.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Headed to Folsom

I'm flying out to San Francisco tomorrow for Folsom.  Just a weekend to be the slut submissive bottom that I am.

Pictures later.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'll try to start writing again

I've been bad, haven't written much.

IML was a great time, I found myself with a shaved head.  Leaving on a West Coast trip next week, southern California and Seattle.

Carlilock says I currently have 5 months and a day remaining which would be about New Years Day, I suspect that remaining time will only get longer.

All for now.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I want to ....

Okay, I'll say it.  It's been since February 22nd and I want to masturbate.  Yes, I want to jerk off and shoot a big load.  I've now exceeded my longest, the sexual frustration is as high as it's ever been.

I looked the other day and found that as of then I had nearly 6 months left, that number keeps growing.  One horny boi here in Minneapolis.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Barcelona trip

I haven't written for a while ... bad me.

I've been back for a week now from what was an interesting trip to Barcelona.  The metal device that I'm wearing didn't cause any issues with airport body scanners, however, I did set off a metal detector at the Barcelona airport on my way home.

After a couple of trips through the metal detector where it insisted on lots of beeping each time, I told them that it was the chastity device that I was wearing.  They called over a guy wearing a military type uniform who said "come with me."  Three of them came into the room to look at what was setting off the detector.  One seemed to be somewhat interested in to the device and asked in broken English if it had been on for "2 weeks."  When I told him that it had been nearly 2 months, he said "no wank?"  He seemed intrigued.

On my first night in Barcelona, I went to Open Mind for "Naked Night."  A couple of people commented on the device.  One was a Canadian guy who had come out within the last few years and commented about always learning new kinks.  I think he'd be afraid to try chastity.

Another night I went to Trash.  At Trash it "Leather Fetish Night"  so it wasn't obvious that I'm locked.

I did do some shopping, bought a nice pair of boots at Boxer along with one of their t-shirts.   I was looking at a taller pair of boots but they didn't have my size.  I still brought home a nice pair of boots.  As my baggage was getting full, I tied the boots to my carry on which did bring a comment from the guy at baggage drop for my flight to Amsterdam about the boots not being a typical carry on.  He asked where I bought them, then asked who was working that day, seems as the sales guy at Boxer is a friend of his.

As I enter my 3rd month, I'll try to write more frequently.

Monday, April 15, 2013

It's been busy

I've been busy lately, partly getting ready to leave for Barcelona in a couple of days, partly other stuff.

The Barcelona trip should be interesting.  I've been looking at some of the sex clubs on line:  Open Mind, Trash, and Dark Berlin.  I have 5 nights there so should be able to visit all 3.  Could be harsh for a guy whose cock has been locked for nearly 2 months.

I'm sure it's not a surprise that my balls are looking for relief.

I'll write more from Barcelona, I arrive there Thursday.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm Especially Horny Today

I'm not sure that I didn't sleep all that well last night was entirely related to the chastity device but I am feeling especially horny today.  Yesterday marked 6 weeks since I last came, 6 weeks since I last jerked off.  I've gone 6 weeks a few times and it's always about the point where I start feeling like I "really" need a chance to jerk off, really need a chance to enjoy my cock.

I was driving the Jeep today, noticing the device which of course made me think about it.  What was causing me to fill the cage wasn't that I was wearing it but that I have no clue how much longer I'll be wearing it.  The only thing I know is that the remaining time is measured in months.

I guess this is what I wanted.  I need to be careful what I wish for.

The trip to Barcelona in about 10 days (I'll be there 18 April through 22 April) is going to be interesting.  I've traveled locked but never to an international location, much less to a very gay city.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Bike Ride of the Season

The temperature was approaching 50 and I got in my first bike ride of the season.  A 2 hour ride along the river, a parkway along a creek, past some lakes.  No issues with the device during the ride although it was cool enough that my balls wanted to retract a bit.  The Tight Squeeze is still a comfortable device to wear.

Yes, it's comfortable to wear but I am certainly ready for that release that isn't going to happen very soon.  Saw a good number of guys on my ride whose cock I'd take in my mouth right now, yes I's still able to do that and I've been told I'm good at it (I'm not flexible enough to self-suck).

I've had a couple of conversations with people that would like to take charge of the key.  Unfortunately all are a plane ride away.  Certainly would be nice to have a local, or semi-local, keyholder who would take it out and play with/abuse it from time to time.

I'm getting closer to my previous longest and the votes coming in will keep me locked for something over 4 more months.  Somehow it's rather exciting not knowing when I might be able to jerk off next.

Yes, I'm horny as hell.  Yes, I'm ready for some serious cock sucking.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Should I really be watching porn?

Porn these days is becoming rather frustrating, all these guys enjoying their cocks and it's been a month and a half plus since I've enjoyed mine.

Then there's the shower at the gym (generally I keep my swim suit on for most of my shower) with all the free cocks in there.

Yes, frustrated and horny as hell.  I guess that's what it's all about, approaching my longest ever and have an even longer time to go.

Off to Barcelona in a couple of weeks, this is going to be interesting.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Crazy week although the craziness wasn't all related to chastity

Things that can go wrong will.

I went into last weekend knowing that I'd be in a hotel conference room helping to administer the process of selecting artists who will display at an art fair this summer.  Generally it makes for an interesting weekend but I decided that I needed to develop a really nasty cold.  A cold conference room didn't help any.  I waited much to long to start taking drugs to kill the thing off and found myself not feeling well most of the time.

By Monday morning I did feel enough better for a strong swim, then came Tuesday.

Tuesday I managed to strain my back at the gym, then aggravated it a bit by stretching it out to much.  Moving was painful, especially after I'd been sitting for any amount of time.  For this I started the pharmacy products sooner, by Friday noon it's much better.

Now I'm back to my horny self.

Still looking the possibility of a trip to Barcelona 18 April to 23 April.  I probably should just buy the ticket and go.  Certainly would add interest to the trip to have my cock locked in it's cage in a city with some really hot fetish bars.

Friday, March 22, 2013

It's now 4 weeks.

It's now been 4 weeks since I locked on the CB6000 which was later replaced by the metal Tight Squeeze.  Four weeks being about half of my previous longest, my previous longest being about half of the minimum set for this time.

I've already had several offers to take control of the keys after this session is over with some interesting senarios, including a weekly Viagra/Cialis pill.  That I can see being really nasty.  A live key holder would certainly be nice, local Twin Cities area guys move to the front of the line.  Keep me frustrated, I'm certainly there now and know from past experience that I will only be more so.  I'm not sure I understand the psychology of getting excited about not being able to get hard, much less not being able to have an orgasm.

The device is generally working well and reasonably comfortable.  Balls trying to retract when it's cold outside cause some tightening.  I need to be careful to use plenty of lotion, lube, et cetra to avoid chafing problems that I've had in the past.  The location with this device that's going to be the problem is the short rubber sleeve that covers the hinge, however, I'm reluctant to cut off the sleeve and being left with the unprotected hinge.  Anyone with any experience, please let me know your recommendations.

Lots of votes coming in to keep me locked.  My remaining time is getting longer, not shorter.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Am I spending to much time thinking?

I'm into my 4th week now, nearing half of my previous longest.  With the votes that have been coming in, it's clear that I'll be locked for a long while.  DADDY JEFF posted the link to the voting link on his blog, the votes are coming (bad pun, not really intended) fast and furious to keep me in this thing.  Thank you SIR for showing concern and keeping me from jerking off.  Fortunately, at least, it's somewhat comfortable and at this point I haven't developed any breaks in the skin near the rings.

I've been looking at airline tickets to Barcelona.  Probably nothing would be more frustrating than clubs such as Trash (fb) Open Mind or Dark Berlin for a guy who by then wouldn't have had access to his cock for a couple of months than all of those free cocks on other guys.  Certainly won't be topping anyone.  Madrid also has some clubs, I've never been to Madrid (other than the airport) but have had several good trips to Barcelona.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Attempts at Nocturnal Erections

I've found myself awakened the last couple of nights by attempts at nocturnal erections.  They don't want to go away, I can't do anything to provide relief.

At this point I'm not sure which is worse, not being able to give myself release for 3 weeks or knowing that it will be at least July before I have a chance to do it again.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Viagra, Weekends and whatever

I woke up one morning this past weekend to a BBC report on my local public radio station about the development of Viagra.  Being as when I'd wake up was always on of the times that I'd like to play with my cock, it wasn't the type of report I needed.  Because people keep going to the vote and extending my time, I'm not going to have any use for Viagra or any similar drug any time soon.

I have heard that a dose of Viagra after one has been locked for a couple of months is an interesting experience.  It might be fun to try in a month or so and see if it makes me any crazier than I usually am.

The device seems to be handling my time in the pool well, I swam for 90 minutes this morning with no problems.  I think that there is less space where the device contacts the skin than on the CB-x000 series or BirdLocked will be an advantage .... we'll see.

I did have someone tell me over the weekend that being shaved while caged and chained would be good for me.  That would provide an interesting and memorable experience.

All for now.

Friday, March 8, 2013

This is a comfortable device

The first thing I need to say about the Tight Squeeze is that it is a comfortable device.  The area where the rings contact the skin is much smaller than the plastic CB-x000 series or BirdLock which I think leads to less of an opportunity for chafing. 

I had no problem during a 90 minute swim, I don't think there is any chance of my balls slipping out which could be a problem with the CB-series if the post and spacers weren't perfect and was a certain problem with the regular BirdLock but not the BirdLock-mini.

I've gotten just over 50 votes to adjust my time in just under 2 days, you guys seem to want to keep me in this for a while.  The 3 inch length of this device doesn't leave any room to stretch out, I'm missing my regular sessions of laying on the bed, spreading my legs and enjoying myself.  I'm going to need to get used to the idea that I won't be doing that again anytime soon.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm now locked in a metal device

I'm now shaved and locked in a using CarliLock to manage the length of the time I'm locked.

You can vote on the time I'm locked from this link:

I've set the minimum to 16 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours.  If I don't get votes, penalties, etc. my earliest out is the day before the 4th of July.  That would also be twice my previous longest.

Having not jerked off or cum for nearly 2 weeks now, that is going to be a long time without release and I'm filling the cage just thinking about it.

I've gotta say i like the look of the metal device and it's certainly more secure than plastic.

No room to expand,  the cage is approx. 3 inches long, 1.3 inches wide, and about 4 inches in circumference.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Underwear, travel and other musings

After a week and a half I think I'm finally adjusted back to my home time zone.  I'm no longer waking at obscene hours of the morning.  I'd been in Africa for a couple of weeks, primarily looking at animals with something like 48 hours riding on airplanes.  Somewhere while on the trip I came to the conclusion that I needed to be locked again.

Since I returned home I've been going through one of my periodic projects of cleaning extra, unused and old clothing from my closet.  I seem to have developed a collection of underwear so large that I could go nearly a month without doing laundry. 

In the past 10 days, I've come to the conclusion that the Andrew Christian "show-it" and "almost naked" series are great when wearing a chastity device.  It holds the device and it's contents far enough away to prevent rubbing on my legs and is somewhat discrete in showing the device in the gym or pool locker room.

Only a few more days until the metal device is locked on for what I expect to be a long time.  I'll post a link where you can adjust my time soon after I begin wearing it.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I'm going to look good in this !!

It's Christmas in March.  The postal carrier was bring gifts.  I'm going to look good in this.  If it weren't that I have another week in my plastic CB series.  This is so much nicer and will keep me out of trouble for a long time.

Excitement Building

The excitement of my upcoming lock-up extension is building.

Although I may have been nudged a bit to do it, came to the conclusion the other night that I’ll go with “no max” for the lock-up. Also ordered a metal device that should be here early enough next week to make the exchange on Friday 8 March.

I may be able to have someone make the exchange while my hands are restrained to prevent me from doing anything that I shouldn’t.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I know I want it ... a long lock-up that is

I think I've come to the conclusion that when I start a new session next week, as soon as my current one ends, I'm going to set it for "no limit."  I'd been planning on a 4 month limit first, enough to double my previous longest.  The way votes are coming in, it will be a long lock-up. 

Oh hell, I don't need to jo or get my cock sucked anyway (did I just say that?).  I guess "need" doesn't matter when I've lost the ability.

Current max time runs out next Friday evening (March 8).  What better thing is there to do on a Friday night than shave and change devices?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Perhaps long breaks are a bad thing

I'm sitting here wondering if my long period of freedom may have been a bad thing.  Yes, I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed cumming more times in a week than there are days.  Quitting cold turkey isn't easy, I want to go into the bedroom, lay on the bed with a spreader bar separating my legs, put my swollen cock in my hand and feel the warm cum on my chest.

It just feels wrong not to be doing that.  My cock is filling it's cage, it wants to stretch out.

I see people are voting often on the duration of my lock-up, so far I've had 43 votes by members of CarliLock and 27 by non-members to change the length of my lock-up.  With over 20 votes each day, if that keeps up when I start the longer period next weekend, I'm sure to serve the full 4 months.  An unlimited lock-up after that could last a really long time.

Leave comments, I'm seeing lots of hits to the page.

All for now, jerk off for me as I obviously can't.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Settings for my next lock-up

I've been looking at the potential CarliLock settings for my next lock-up which will begin when my current one ends or about March 9th.  I'm looking for suggestions.

Options are:

·         3 hours
·         6 hours
·         12 hours
·         1 day
·         3 days
·         5 days
·         1 week
Penalties are rewarded for checking remaining time or attempting to use a “friends” link to adjust their time which incurs a double penalty (ouch).

I'm thinking penalties should be at least a day but less than 1 week.  I'm thinking an amount where penalties alone won't drive me to the maximum time.

Member Voting
·         Disabled
·         1 hours
·         3 hours
·         4 hours
·         6 hours
·         12 hours (I think this is a choice)
Members of CarliLock can vote on other members up to once per day.  The vote can be to either increase or decrease the time by that amount.

Certainly "disabled" is not the choice.  In my first approximately 24 hours I've had 22 member votes and 13 non-members voting.  Just guessing but most were likely to extend. 

Display Remaining Duration
·         Yes
·         No
·         Sometimes
·         Non-accurate
·         Tease

"Tease" is a message like "not even close".  I'm thinking an option other than never display (no) and always display the true amount (yes)

Randomize Starting Duration
·         No
·         Yes
·         High end
·         Low end

 Seems clear that it should be randomized to add to the mystery.  Then the question is should it be toward the low end, high end or any random amount up to the duration entered.

Starting Duration
·         Any combination of weeks, days and hours up to 16 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours

I'm not sure what to do here. Minimum overrides if starting duration plus penalties and voting don't get me to the minimum.

Minimum Time
·         Any combination of weeks, days and hours up to 16 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours

 My previous longest is about 2 months.  Seems that would be a good minimum. 

Maximum  Time
·         Any combination of weeks and days up to 16 weeks, 6 days
·         No limit

I don't think I'm ready for "No limit"  Maybe next time even though I know that every time I get out I know that I could have gone longer. 

 So again, I'm looking for suggestions.  After a long period of freedom where I was frequently jerking off because I could and it feels good, after just a day I'm already wanting to but can't.  I suppose I should be careful what I ask for.

Use comments for your suggestions.

Locked Again

A new lock-up began last night.  The system sets a maximum of 1 week, 6 days for the first session, after that one can set up a "no limit" lock-up.

One of the cool things about CarliLock is that others can change the length of my lock-up (up to the maximum) by using this link or if you're a member my ID is iamalltiedup.  Votes can increase or decrease my lock-up by up to  6 hours each.

Once the 1st session is over, I intend to immediately roll over into a new session.  No jerking off or getting blow jobs for a few months.  My previous longest is about 2 months, I'd like to try to double that.

A new adventure begins.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's time

It's been over 6 months since I've been locked.  Much as I've enjoyed the freedom, it's time to lockup again.  I'm thinking of trying CarliLock, a local key holder would be better so if your interested and somewhere near the Twin Cities please let me know.