Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Strip me ...

Over the weekend I got a note from a guy on Recon asking if I'd be up for restraining and shaving him.  That is action that I've always said that I'd take either side of (or spectate).  We traded a few notes including contact info.  We'll see what develops.

Then I started thinking that it could be hot to take the other side of that.  I've had hair cuts while restrained, never a full head shave. but not recently.  It's also been a long while since anyone has done any shaving below my neck.  I think I have the body, 6', 168, athletic that could pull off the bald look.  So, this morning, I changed the beginning of my Recon profile SkyInMpls to:   Strip me ...
.... shave me.    We'll see if anything happens or if I'm able to hook up with the guy who started all of this.

On the chastity front, well into the 4th week, I'm feeling horny as hell.  Certainly seeing lots of hot guys at the gym and on the streets.  A minor bit of chafing and an irritation that I'm not sure is related to the device.  I've got a small spot that is rather irritated but I don't think it's from the ring of the device, I'll try some Neosporin and see if I can get rid of it.

Happy 4th everyone.