Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's the weekend

Finally the weekend. I actually worked 5 days this week something that for various reasons I haven't done since the end of June.  Likely will take next Friday off just for the sake of doing it and then the following Friday to make Labor Day a 4 day weekend.  Started last night meeting a friend for Happy Hour.  HH lasted nearly 5 hours, we ran up a $150 tab between the 2 of us that included only a small amount of food.  No wonder I was feeling dehydrated this morning and I was down to 161.2 lbs. after my morning swim.

The vibrator in my ass felt good the other night, it just isn't the same as a nice release that would feel really good about now.  Probably didn't need to rub the BenGay into my balls, they still have feeling even though they don't get relief.

It's a nice afternoon here, out running a few errands and stopped by my local pizza place bar for a beer.  A couple of good looking guys sitting at the bar, I've been locked long enough now that the guys I'm seeing just keep looking better and better.  I was thinking about going out to the pool at my apartment building, that might be to much.  Web surfing just makes me want to get hard.  It's now been 3 weeks since the Birdlock went on, it's certainly doing it's job.

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