Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Beginning of a long weekend

I took today off work making it a 3 day weekend.  Partly because it looked like it would be a nice day (it is) and partly because I need to burn a few more days vacation between now and the end of the year and days off in August are generally nicer days than days off in December here in Minnesota.  I didn't really have any plans for the day.

I started the day with a 3,700 meter swim.  I've been swimming a lot lately, averaging over 25,000 yards a week and have now swum over 100,000 yards in August which I suspect is the most yards I've covered in the pool in a month since high school.  I'm feeling good, leaving the Y at 163 lbs. which has been very consistent for the past year.  I followed that by meeting some friends for breakfast, a breakfast lasting nearly 3 hours and breaking up around noon.

After driving around a couple of city lakes and arriving home, I looked to see if there was anything interesting laying around the pool.  Only one there and she was the wrong gender to be of any interest.

Went upstairs and really felt the need to jerk off, it's been 4 weeks now since the Birdlocked went on and the key went off to Chicago the first of August.  I'm ready for some relief.  To make matters worse, my MINIMUM time locked is 2 months meaning it's sometime after the end of September that I'll have a chance to do that.

Not having access to my cock, my ass was the next best thing.  I put on ankle cuffs, attached them to a spreader bar and shoved a vibrator up my ass and worked my nips.  After a time, I decided to try a bigger ass toy, may need to use the bigger toys more often as my ass felt rather tight although the toy felt rather good.

I've been looking at my swimming schedule for next year a bit, partly because I'm planning to swim a meet in Italy next June and am looking at other places I may go on the trip.  Right now I'm thinking I may go to Berlin for a few days before and to Poland after.  I'm kind of thinking that I'll want to be home in time for Twin Cities Pride in late June.  The scary part is as much as I want to jerk off now, I'm wondering what it would be locked from the end of swimming in June until the end of the year.

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