Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Into my 3rd week

I'm now 3 days into my 3rd week in a CB2000.  3 plus weeks without a chance to cum, even to get hard. 4 plus more weeks until I get out for my next swim meet.  uggg.

I'm finding that I don't make as much of an effort to hide the CB as I have on previous adventures in chastity.  I'll take my suit off while showering after I've been swimming, something I do nearly every day and I'll use the urinals in a public restroom.  I don't know if anyone has noticed, no one has said or asked anything.

Still being awakened most nights by my attempts at nocturnal erections.  That I'm wearing the medium length points of intrigue isn't helping, although they aren't nearly as painful as the long ones.

Still thinking of getting the Birdlocked device as after the swimming season is over I expect to be locked for several months.  I'm getting a bit of chafing in the CB2000 and am hoping that the silicon device with it's different ring shape may help.  At one time I was looking at a device from New Zealand but can't remember the name and haven't been able to find it.

Ready to take care of someone's cock since I can't do anything with my own.

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  1. The NZ device keeps them away from the sheep :-p. Australian joke