Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

7 weeks locked and COVID-19

Today finishes my 7th week locked. I'm so horny, I so want to play with my hard cock.

This stay at home, shelter in place or however you want to label it isn't helping. I'm spending more time than I usually do at home but I can't just lay back and relax with my cock in my hand. I'm horny, it won't end. I wake up during the night with my cock fighting trying to escape its cage.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Day 29 and the unknown

Today is Day 29, not the longest I've ever been locked but long enough that my cock is telling me that it needs to get hard. Knowing that it could be a couple of more months isn't helping any. Having previously said that I want to be relocked after I cum once isn't helping either. Damn it will feel good for release, how long can I be unlocked before for one reason or another I shoot a large release of cum?

Life continues.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Back to writing after a long break

I haven't written much recently but I have been locked more during the past year than I've been unlocked. Since early 2019 I've had some extended periods locked:
  • 2/11/20-??? Locked
  • 10/8/19 - 1/ 19/20 Locked (102 days. New record)
  • 6/27/19-7/28/19 Locked
  • 4/9/19-6/16/19 68 days locked. My new longest.
  • 2/13/19-3/30/19 locked. 
The app ChastiKey with a remote keyholder has been in control. The current lock will be up to 4 months. Two weeks in and that seems like a long time to go without a hard cock, without a chance for release. Yes I'm horny and my cock is so frustrated in its cage. It would feel so good to just be able to get hard.