Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Last night I was awaken more than once by my cock fighting against its cage.

Why is it that I subject myself to this? I so want to just lay back and jerk off right now but know that I'm only on Day 26 of a minimum 8 week session. The session could be much longer than that.

On the other side, there is something that makes me want to double my previous longest. That would keep me locked for 3 months. This session could go twice that.

Why is it that my cock swells as much as it can in it's cage when I think of not being able to cum, even get hard for a long time? Yes, I do enjoy the frustration. I do enjoy the horny feeling. I do find something nice about wanting nearly every guy I see to shove their cock in my mouth while I suck on it until I've drained his balls into my mouth.

Perfect situation: I'm naked, on my knees, hands restrained with a hard cock in my mouth ... then we go from there.

Yes, I'm feeling horny in Minneapolis as I sit in this coffee  with hot guys around me.

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