Device under Speedo

Device under Speedo

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Barcelona trip

I haven't written for a while ... bad me.

I've been back for a week now from what was an interesting trip to Barcelona.  The metal device that I'm wearing didn't cause any issues with airport body scanners, however, I did set off a metal detector at the Barcelona airport on my way home.

After a couple of trips through the metal detector where it insisted on lots of beeping each time, I told them that it was the chastity device that I was wearing.  They called over a guy wearing a military type uniform who said "come with me."  Three of them came into the room to look at what was setting off the detector.  One seemed to be somewhat interested in to the device and asked in broken English if it had been on for "2 weeks."  When I told him that it had been nearly 2 months, he said "no wank?"  He seemed intrigued.

On my first night in Barcelona, I went to Open Mind for "Naked Night."  A couple of people commented on the device.  One was a Canadian guy who had come out within the last few years and commented about always learning new kinks.  I think he'd be afraid to try chastity.

Another night I went to Trash.  At Trash it "Leather Fetish Night"  so it wasn't obvious that I'm locked.

I did do some shopping, bought a nice pair of boots at Boxer along with one of their t-shirts.   I was looking at a taller pair of boots but they didn't have my size.  I still brought home a nice pair of boots.  As my baggage was getting full, I tied the boots to my carry on which did bring a comment from the guy at baggage drop for my flight to Amsterdam about the boots not being a typical carry on.  He asked where I bought them, then asked who was working that day, seems as the sales guy at Boxer is a friend of his.

As I enter my 3rd month, I'll try to write more frequently.

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